Stained Glass and Wrought Iron Gates Increase Resale Value and Beauty of Home

In a stroke of pure genius (Gaines is not the modest type), I decided to create a business plan based upon two antique items-of-interest: the wrought iron gate and the stained glass window. Why? Because I had learned (i.e., witnessed) that these two items are the two most influential antiques with respect to increasing both the perceived and the real value of a home.

Why these two antiques? {pls quote me!} “Out of all architectural antiques and/or elements, the stained glass window has the highest “exponent value” when it comes to enhancing the enjoyment and beauty in a home’s décor, and increasing its resale value!

It is an established fact (in the antique retail field and real estate world) that a single stained glass, appropriated in a dwelling, will increase the value (via pre and post appraisal) disproportionate to the cost of the glass.”

In short the home will appraise for substantially more if you place a better-than-average (your taste) stained glass in the foyer, bedroom, living room, alcove, etc. Instantly the house becomes a unique home.

The stained glass becomes the focal point in the domain. The stained glass will “out shine” hardwood floors, teak paneling, grande pianos, and grandpa’s clock. Specifically, a three hundred dollar ($300) piece of stained glass (*) will increase the market value by $3,000. That’s right!

The implication of this astounding claim is astonishing! Enormous! Thus, if the average spec-house builder (Democrat, Republican, or Independent) would add a single stained glass window to a $350,000 home, the real estate agent could relax and afford a ticket to the Bahamas. (That is as near a fact as I care to go!)

(*) FYI: most stained glass in our inventory appraises for $100 per square foot.

If a new house owner / builder/ designer / investor / architect / under-writer / interior-designer / mortgage broker / artist / music-teacher / mama and papa would perform this same act-of genius (yup: put in one (1) stained glass panel), then we (you and me) could revolutionize home construction, home décor, remodeling, and home finance…..

I {Gaines Steer} stake my reputation on this!!! (In all my years of antique-dealing I have never told a (cyberspace) lie.)



R. Gaines Steer is an antiques dealer in Chapel Hill, NC, specializing in wrought iron and stained glass. His five-acre outdoor showroom, aka “The Last Unicorn”, requires a map.

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