Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Last Unicorn

Among the nice things about visiting a real antique shoppe {like ours} is that you can converse with a real, live person and not a computer screen or a surrogate telephone voice from overseas. Right here, right now.

Visitors to the Unicorn’s lair (not liar!) invariably ask the same three questions: “Gaines, where do you get all of this {great} stuff?” Gaines: “I honestly don’t exactly know. I began collecting over 30 years ago and it just got away from me…. I have “antique pickers” in five states who bring me special items and I reinvest every time I make a sale. I have more inventory now ‘than the law allows….’”

“How in the world did you get all of this iron into the woods….?” “Everybody asks me that. One sign says: ‘Magnetic North points here!’ Sometimes we use a railroad jack, or a two-ton com-a-long, or we grease a skid and tie a chain around a tree and pull the heavier items off of the truck or trailer. We also use muscle as a last resort…..

“How long have you been collecting?” “There is a great trustory in the Acres of Ideas about finding the first Unicorn iron gate in Delaware in 1973. I still have that gate in the display. Along with 35 standing (i.e., hung) gates on the five acre outdoor showroom property. These gates are basically demonstrations. Collecting is an emotion; selling is an art; marketing is a challenge.” Having fun in the process is not an option!

Speaking of questions, there are also three most frequently made customer comments. Wanta hear ‘em? Well, 93.4% (documented) of my customers utter this during their first hour-long visit: “I get ideas here…!” That is exactly where we got the famous motto: we sell ideas!

The second most frequently voiced opinion is: “I really didn’t expect The Last Unicorn to be this *&@#* (choice of expletive): outrageous, magnificent, whimsical, magical….

And finally: “I know this is a dumb question, but____________________? Believe me, in 30 years time the Unicorn Proprietor has been asked some bizarre questions: “Is Gaines the real last unicorn?” “Is it OK if I pay with cash?” “Is this stuff old?” “Does the price include restoration and installation?”

Somewhere on this blog, we listed some of our famous signs: I created several more to both encourage and discourage certain questions: Check these out: Dumb Questions Permitted! ; Our Prices Are Relatively Inexpensive Unless You Have Poor Taste! ; The Last Unicorn is a Frame-of-mind, a Mystique. The Heart and Soul are Engaged Here. Ideas Emerge as if by Magic. Agreed!


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