The Last Unicorn in Pittsboro, NC is Now Open

The Last Unicorn has quietly re-opened in Pittsboro, NC, just down the road from the original location in Chapel Hill.

This new Last Unicorn is downsized and re-focused; it is much, much smaller in scale than the original. The goal here is to present a very select inventory of the items that made the original Last Unicorn famous: wrought iron gates, the occasional piece or two of wrought iron fence, and stained glass windows.

Gaines closed the doors on the Chapel Hill location in Aug. 2015, which included the sale of the house and property. Then he and the Unicorn took some time off. They traveled a bit…visiting friends and relatives, all the while pondering their next move. When the dust settled, they decided Pittsboro was the ideal place to re-create themselves.

Visits are by appointment only; there are no regular “showroom” hours. Call Gaines at 919-302-7235, or email him here to discuss your needs and arrange a visit.

Gaines & the Unicorn at a local event.

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