Antique Dealing

Since I have been an antique dealer longer than any other “job in my Korea”, I might comment on the nuances of this profession.  It combines history, nostalgia, sales savvy, marketing magic, and just a touch of  hyperbole. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to antique dealers until they have at least 12 years experience.

This is not a vocation for the faint of debt and wary of work.  The learning curve is steep and fraught with going-out-of-business sales. None-the-less, antiquedom is among the few remaining bastions of free enterprise that survives the vicissitudes of buy-and-sale after Ebay.  And the jury is still out, I should add.

Me? I’m betting that folks will continue to enjoy poking around on my 5 acre iron farm and trading quips with me until I get claimed at the final archive auction. Wanta bet?

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